Breast Reduction in Delhi

Breast Reduction

As the name suggests, Breast Reduction treatment can be considered if you feel that you have an overly large breast size. A bigger breast size may cause discomfort in women. This surgery helps you get proportionate breast size by removing the excess fat.

Who is an ideal candidate?

1. Women with large pendulous breasts.

2. Difficulty in normal day to day activities due to breast size.

3. Symptoms like neck pain ,back pain or shoulder pain due to heavy breast.

4. Hygiene issues with recurrent infection in breast crease.

5. Discomfort in wearing certain garments due to unappealing body proportions.

6. Significant difference in breast size with one breast much larger than the other.


1. What are the side effects ?
2. Does it leave scars ?
3. Does it interfere with breast feeding?
4. Can breast enlargement recur?
5.What are the precautions needed in the post op period?

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