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Breast Lift Surgery In Delhi

Mastopexy as Plastic Surgeons call it, Breast Lift Treatment is a procedure where excess skin is removed and your breasts are contoured to give it a lift or raise. The size of the areola (the dark middle part of the breasts) can also be reduced with Breast Lift Surgery in Delhi. The reasons why women’s breast sag can be one of the following:

  •  Aging
  •  Fluctuations in Weight
  •  Pregnancy
  •  Breastfeeding
  •  Genetic or Hereditary factors

Many of the patients assume that the breast lift can enhance their breast size and make it look fuller, which isn’t true. If you intend to have fuller breasts, Dr. Mrinalini, the best Breast Lift Surgeon In Delhi advises you to undergo Breast Augmentation Treatment. A Breast Lift Surgery can help you in contouring your breasts and tighten the surrounding tissues to make it more firm.

Who Is An Ideal Candidate For Breast Lift In Delhi?

Cost Of Breast Lift Surgery In Delhi Ranges From Rs.1,00,000 to Rs. 2,00,000

Determining the candidacy for the surgery is a first and important part of providing the best breast lift in Delhi. Some of the ideal candidates are:

  • Sagging breast following breast feeding
  •  Nipple pointing downwards and extending below the breast crease
  •  Flattened upper part of breast
  •  Assymetry in breast size or shape
  •  Age related changes like stretch marks, enlarged nipple, areola, and loose skin.

To know about the cost of Breast Lift Surgery in Delhi, please feel free to contacts us.


To provide effective breast lift in Noida, Delhi, the experts at Aestiva Clinic use breast implants to add volume to the breast. A breast lift is dine when loose skin of the breast needs to be tightened. The two procedures are often combined to provide both volume and shape to the ageing breast.

A breast lift surgeon in Noida, Delhi, says that breast lift requires some incisions depending on the extent of sagging. These usually settle down with time. The various techniques used for a lift include:


1. Periareolar mastopexy: This involves a circular scar around the nipple area. This is suitable if only a modest amount of laxity exist. The scar is at the junction of the areola and breast tissue and becomes almost imperceptible over time.

2. Vertical/lollipop mastopexy: This involves a vertical line starting from the nipple to the breast crease. This suffices if a little amount of skin needs to be excised.

3. Inverted T pattern/Wise resection: This involves a scar with a vertical limb which starts from the nipple and ends at the breast crease. The transverse limb of the scar lies along the breast crease. This pattern is used when there is a significant amount of skin sagging. To get a detailed consultation book an appointment with the top breast lift surgeon in Delhi, Dr. Mrinalini Sharma at Aestiva Clinic.

A breast lift in itself does not increase the size of breasts. However, it does impart a more youth full appearance in terms of firmness and shape. If small size is a concern, the procedure can be combined with a breast implant in an augmentation mastopexy. To know more about the effective breast lift in Delhi, book a consultation with the expert plastic surgeon, Dr. Mrinalini Sharma at Aestiva Clinic.

The results vary from patient to patient. There are several factors which determine the longevity of breast lift results. Most of the patients will be satisfied with the treatment for many years though the factors like genetic predisposition, the quality of surgery and your expectations. Also, the expert surgeon advises that to achieve the effective results of breast lift surgery in Noida, Delhi, performed at Aestiva Clinic, patients must follow the instructions given by their plastic surgeon, such as diet and weight management, to ensure long-term results.


To know about the cost of breast lift surgery in Noida, Delhi, consult at Aestiva Clinic. 

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