Breast Lift Surgery

Mastopexy as Plastic Surgeons call it, Breast Lift Treatment is a procedure where excess skin is removed and your breasts are contoured to give it a lift or raise. The size of the areola (the dark middle part of the breasts) can also be reduced with the Breast lift Surgery. The reasons why women’s breast sag can be one of the following:

1. Aging

2. Fluctuations in Weight

3. Pregnancy

4. Breastfeeding

5. Genetic or Hereditary factors

Many of the patients assume that the breast lift can enhance their breast size and make it look fuller, which isn’t true. If you intend to have fuller breasts, Dr. Mrinalini advises you to undergo Breast Augmentation Treatment. A Breast Lift Surgery can help you in contouring your breasts and tighten the surrounding tissues to make it more firm.

Who is an ideal candidate?

1. Sagging breast following breast feeding

2. Nipple pointing downwards and extending below the breast crease

3. Flattened upper part of breast

4. Assymetry in breast size or shape

5. Age related changes like stretch marks,enlarged nipple and areola and loose skin.


1. Do I need breast implants or breast lift?
2. Does breast lift leave scars?
3. Will my breast look larger after a breast lift?
4. How long do results last?

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