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Vaginal Tightening – A Treatment To Rediscover Your Intimacy

29 Jun 2017 By Admin

Vaginal Tightening is the most popular and common female genital surgical procedure to restore vaginal tone and helps to reduce vaginal laxity and improves the sexual gratification. There can be various reasons behind loosing tightness such as due to aging, child care, pregnancy, exercise etc. And it’s very common occurrence in women which may cause embarrassment and discomfort with the partner.

Vaginal Tightening is a procedure to make modifications to the internal and external vaginal diameters, provide strength to the perineum body, tighten and strengthen the vaginal muscles.

The surgical procedure is usually done under local anesthesia. The Vaginal Muscles and tissues are tightened and the heavy labia are excised for contouring. Generally, the patients who undergo this procedure are those who do not experience satisfaction during sexual intercourse. Childbirth can be a reason for vaginal loosening and therefore many women prefer vaginal rejuvenation treatment after the childbirth. It is an effective and corrective procedure that can be suitable for women of all ages. If you are willing to undergo this treatment but still have some doubts about the procedure or other such concerns, Dr. Mrinalini Sharma, a female plastic surgeon can guide you and help you do away with all your concerns.

Vaginal tightening and labiaplasty, both are the best combination which helps to restore cosmetic appearance of the labia as a part of the vaginal rejuvenation. It can also help in controlling the loss of urine when you cough, sneeze or exercise. Patients are advised to avoid heavy exercises and activities after the procedure for the better recovery and rest is the way to get the optimum results within a meantime. Vaginal tightening improves sensations and sensitivity during a sexual intercourse which will help you to redefine the intimacy with your partner, and enhance self-esteem.

At Aestiva Clinic, we provide

  • Detailed counseling to our patients and discuss their needs and expectations from the surgery.
  • All information is strictly confidential and we ensure the privacy of our patients is protected.
  • Surgery performed by experienced female surgeon
  • Highest standards of hygiene and safety

So, basically at Aestiva Clinic we can help you with vaginal rejuvenation through radical treatment of vaginal tightening while taking care of your safety, hygiene and privacy is our prime concern. You can get in touch with us at – info@aestivaclinic.com

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