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Aestiva cosmetic clinic was established in 2012 as a one stop place for all plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures. Our motto is to provide affordable and quality care to clients who are keen to undergo procedures to enhance looks and correct deformities and scars. We specialise in cosmetic surgery procedures like breast enlargement, hair transplant, liposuction and scar corrections. The founder of Aestiva, Dr. Mrinalini Sharma (MS, Mch Plastic Surgery PGIMER) is an experienced plastic surgeon with a keen interest in the field of breast enlargement and reshaping surgeries including breast reduction and breast lifts. The other procedures routinely performed in our set up include liposuctions, gynecomastia treatments, lipoinjections and hymenoplasties. In addition, we also provide non surgical treatments including anti-ageing treatments, lasers for hair and skin treatment and pigmentation correction.

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